those blueberry pancakes....
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those blueberry pancakes....


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those blueberry pancakes....

So, how about that hot breakfast on these cold mornings!  Every morning upon my arrival to work I walk into the amazing aroma of coffee, sausage and bacon. What a way to start each day. A definite bonus to working here. I get a great breakfast. Robert can design, build and cook! Wow!
We've been serving lodging guests for years and we now welcome walk-ins. Each day we have new walk-ins for breakfast as our breakfast business is growing and the most common compliment I hear as they are leaving is "those blueberry pancakes were absolutely delicious". I must say that is a favorite around here. There is nothing like a fresh cup of hot steaming coffee and buttery blueberry pancakes right off the griddle If you haven't been, you're missing out.  Have a great day!